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A “Must-Have” Technology — No Longer “Nice-To-Have”

CarexTech SMILE™

It’s not likely Abraham Maslow ever anticipated that his famous Hierarchy of Needs model would have the staying power that it does. But, then again, he was an optimist. In his pursuit of discovering what makes people happy, Maslow created the pyramid of needs based on his hypothesis that the urge for self-actualization is deeply entrenched in the human psyche but is not fully realized until more basic needs are met.

Resident Engagement is Critical

What does this have to do with senior housing? Well, a lot, actually, according to a recent white paper from Holleran, a research and consulting firm that focuses on the senior housing space. Titled “Resident Engagement: A Priority for Tomorrow’s Life Plan Community,” the authors not only reference Maslow’s model in substantial detail, but also outline very succinctly what they call the Four Domains of Engagement:

  1. Voice — Engagement with the Campus
  2. Connection — Engagement with Others
  3. Well-being — Engagement with Health and Wellness
  4. Fulfillment — Engagement with Life Goals

The report’s authors cite the domains as the building blocks of resident engagement and posit that the bottom two rungs of the hierarchy are akin to meeting satisfaction needs — good dining options, access to care, clean facilities.

Click here to read the full article at Senior Housing Forum

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