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CarexTech’s Smile® Platform, Designed to Connect Families and Senior Living Communities, Sees Usage Spike Over 300 Percent in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

CarexTech SMILE™

Smile® by CarexTech, a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant software platform for engagement of senior living residents, their families, and life enrichment staff and caregivers, today announced a 300 percent increase in usage in March 2020 by participating centers impacted by COVID-19.

Amid public health mandates to keep visitors at bay and residents apart, senior living communities have taken quick action to ensure their residents are protected while not feeling isolated. Life enrichment and activities directors have reimagined group events by reprogramming calendars to include one-on-one sessions between residents and caregivers. The Smile® platform seamlessly transmits this critical information across multiple senior care sites, tracks activities and attendance, and provides reports and feedback to families and staff.

“In this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever for our nation’s seniors to remain active and engaged,” said Kalli Devaraj, CarexTech co-founder. “The Smile platform helps our most vulnerable population and their caretakers through a powerful technology that enhances lives while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of residents.”

Often chosen for its user-friendly interface and robust suite of solutions for staff and families, Smile® is helping to elevate the senior living experience for a number of premier independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing operators at more than 650 facilities across the country.

Margaret Artz, Life Enrichment Specialist for Primrose Retirement Communities, shared, “When COVID-19 cases started spreading across the country, we were forced to modify our activities programs. One of the changes was to design a one-to-one program template for our Life Enrichment Coordinators. Smile customer service was available immediately to walk me through the process of creating this template. In a matter of minutes, all 36 of our locations had a working calendar that they could modify in order to meet their specific community and resident needs. This was an efficient way to add over 8,000 activities onto our calendars, as well as allowing us to continue to measure resident engagement in these programs. We’re grateful to the Smile team for coming through to help us handle this situation.”

Devaraj added, “The marked increase in Smile usage in these client communities illustrates the important role of technology in caring for our senior population and keeping them connected and engaged, which is especially important during times of concern. We’re gratified to see Smile making a difference in light of the widening effects of the coronavirus crisis.”

About CarexTech
CarexTech, Inc. is the premier provider of cloud-based solutions which integrate life enrichment activities with family engagement for all types of senior living communities. CarexTech’s flagship product, Smile®, provides extensive tools to manage activity and wellness programs, track resident participation, create calendars while generating reports and analytics that help in managing branded activities programs. Through Smile®, staff and families can stay connected using a fully secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Whether it’s simplified calendar creation, effective activities documentation/analytics, enhanced family engagement, more person-centered memory care or better communication, Smile® helps optimize results, leading to highly satisfied residents, families and staff. To learn more, visit

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Carol Srun, CarexTech

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