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Does Any Given Technology Make Senior Living Better?

CarexTech SMILE™

The big, the huge, the massive, technology problem that every single senior living community faces is massively simple and at the same time hugely complex. Does any given technology actually make things better?

Too often, what happens is that a company comes out with some really cool technology and imagines themselves as the next acquisition target for Google, and then they can’t figure out why they are struggling to get traction with operators.

What they fail to do, is put themselves in the shoes of those people (operators) who they want to purchase their neat new wizbang thing. Just this week I had this very conversation who a guy who has a new start-up web service he wants to sell into the industry. It was a great conversation and he was very bright, but after I started asking him questions, he just plain had not thought out the things he needed to be thinking about.

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