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Putting the Science in Senior Engagement

CarexTech SMILE™

Sarv and Kalli Devaraj have a lot in common. They’re both gifted and highly-educated–with a penchant for exacting research. Husband and wife, they both share a deeply personal passion for serving seniors inspired by some difficult aging situations they both had to navigate for their parents. Maybe all of that explains why they are co-founders and partners in CarexTech, a firm that is revolutionizing–perhaps even defining–the science of engagement that connects seniors, families and caregivers.

Their passionate pursuit has yielded a technology platform that has been adopted by hundreds of senior living communities across the nation. Their innovative solution — SMILE™ — is a hybrid of technology, business and social science–wrapped in layers of personal experience and dedication to improving senior lifestyles. Here’s why all of that will matter to you in years to come.

AS BIG DATA rolls on to touch every part of our lives as the logical outcome of the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s vital that the data mountains go through a certain kind of metamorphosis: data must be put in context to become useful information, and information must be mixed with human insights to become wisdom. Wisdom is what ultimately transforms lives.

Big Data was bound to make a grand entrance into senior living, just like it has done in every other avenue of life. But who knew data capture and analysis would revolutionize the most personal and highest touch province for senior care: how residents in a senior living community socialize to lead lives with purpose?

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