How Smile Works

For senior living communities

What is Smile®?

Communications Management

Smile® is a web-based software platform for end-to-end communications management including activities documentation & analytics for enhanced family engagement.

Family Engagement
At the cornerstone of CarexTech®’s SaaS cloud-based solutions, Smile®’s Integrated Communication and Engagement Platform provide family members of resident’s in Senior Living Communities the opportunity to more effectively interact with the staff caring for their loved ones.
Activity Management

Smile® has a powerful inbuilt Activity Tracker that generates rich analytics and reports. The Activity Tracker is easy to use and resident participation in activities is logged in with a few clicks. Logging in participation generates a wealth of information in Smile® that is helpful with care plans and in meeting state and national compliance requirement.

Calendar Management

Smile® also generates informative and beautiful calendars in a matter of minutes that help in managing a communities’ wellness programs. The Smile® team can help your community brand your wellness programs if needed. The calendar helps track your activity offerings along your dimensions of wellness, e.g. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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How Smile® Helps

Can engaging families increase occupancy?
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Can a software system support personalized dementia support?
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Can a vibrant activity program increase referral?
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A vibrant activity program CAN increase referrals

Smile’s® ability to share life-affirming moments can generate positive word of mouth! Drive profitability using Smile’s™ end-to-end communication and activities management platform:

  • Simplify activity and calendar management, and documentation
  • Keep families updated about their loved ones’ participation in activities
  • Easily personalize activities to increase resident satisfaction
  • Provide automatic event reminders for families

Engaging families CAN increase occupancy

Smile® integrated communication platform makes it easy to get more referrals from families. Drive profitability using Smile’s™ HIPAA compliant, end-to-end communication management platform:

  • Provide families glimpses into their loved ones’ daily lives
  • Send proactive messages to families, including pictures
  • Encourage families to share their loved ones’ life stories
  • Engage families for higher satisfaction

A software solution CAN support personalized dementia care

Smile® gives you information at your fingertips to help staff provide optimal care. Drive profitability using Smile’s™ unique dementia care framework and communication management platform:

  • Use easily available resident life stories to create meaningful activities
  • Manage and track a balanced activity program to slow dementia progression
  • Capture special moments of resident interactions to document personalized care
  • Keep family and caregivers more engaged with your residents

Our Pricing Policy

Smile® is a very affordable solution that is based on a monthly subscription. For a few cents per resident per day you can start leveraging the power of the Smile® solution. Please contact us to  get a price quote because price depends upon the size of your community and the modules selected.

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