Empowering the Human Touch to Increase Resident and Family Engagement

SMILE® is a web-based software platform for end-to-end communications management including activities documentation & analytics for enhanced family engagement.

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Key Features

Activities & Program Management

SMILE® enables your staff to customize activities around both the things a resident enjoys and the need for balanced activities to optimize wellness. Your staff can track resident participation in both individual and group activities.

Calendar Management
Calendar creation in SMILE® is simple and easy. Recurring activities automatically flow through the calendar.  Staff can create multiple calendars (assisted living, memory care, etc.) and track resident participation.
Family Engagement

SMILE® is the easy way to communicate between your community and the family which results in less care giver stress and brings peace-of-mind to families.

How SMILE® Helps

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Powerful Analytics Dashboard

SMILE® has several in-built features and dashboards that provide analytics to read the pulse of your organization.
Population Assessment Tool
S.T.A.R Report
Corporate and Regional Analytics
Communication Report
Activity Balance and Trend
Participation Percentage
Engagement Metrics

Resident-Centric Memory Care

Based on research conducted by our award-winning team, SMILE® has a built-in S.T.A.R framework uniquely tailored to residents suffering from memory care, and dementia.

Our proprietary framework and tools within SMILE® allow you to collect and monitor information on key attributes that are known to have a positive impact on overall health of those residents with memory care issues.

Using SMILE®, organizations can ensure that their residents are engaged in every aspect of the S.T.A.R framework.

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